All good things start with C, Candles, Chocolates, Coffee and Chesapeake Candles!
Honestly, I never used to buy candles, but after my marriage I fell in love with candles and bought around 20! All thanks to my dear husband who introduced me to the joy of these magical happy things. Now, I love lighting up candles pretty much every day at my home. They add so much more positivity, happiness and calmness in the atmosphere. And…they look sooo pretttyy!!✨

Sometimes, when work and to-do-lists are overpowering our lives, a little me-time and some self -pampering definitely lifts the spirits. Light up some candles, and have a bubble bath! (just like Chandler did, F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan anyone?) 🙋‍♀️🛀

One thing I’m always careful about while buying candles is their aroma. I always see that their scents are soothing, relaxing and mild.☮
I recently partnered with Chesapeake Bay Candle and am beyond excited to share their Heritage Collection with you all. Here’s a list of my favorites:

(1) Bay Cottage Coffee Table & Bay Cottage Small Jar Candle

I love getting my favorites in a variety of sizes for different corners around my house. The small ones are perfect for bathrooms or guest bedrooms.

Being Indian, sandalwood has been one of my favorite scents. Bay cottage has the perfect amount mixed with white amber and lavender. Think of a holiday in the woods, a cosy log cabin, a clean linen blanket, birds chirping in the distance, a cool breeze and the lush forest all around you! 🏕

Bay Cottage soycandle chesapeake bay

bay cottage chesapeake bay candle vanity table decor

coffee table decor, candle decor, scented soy candle, milk & honey chesapeake bay candles

(2) Driftwood Amber Large Jar Candle

Continuing with my love for sandalwood, this one is quite unique with the aroma of gardenia & tiare flowers. Making it even more soothing are the hints of citron, driftwood, coconut waters and white linen. My room smells fresh and crisp all day long.🕉
Being a blogger, most of my workspace is usually at home, and this does provide absolute refreshment to the brain.

driftwood & amber chesapeake bay candle, forest fragranance, sandalwood candle

driftwood & amber candle, ecofriendly candles

nightstand decor, chesapeake bay candles, bay cottage

(4) Aqua Marine Double Wick Tin Candle

Think lemon zest, lilies, sand, ocean! Almost creating a beach-like escape mood, the fresh aquatic tones are sure to soothe your senses.🌊
This is perfect to unwind after a long day with a relaxing bath. Rejuvenation at its best!
Or else, while having friends over for dinner or watching a movie during summers – Aqua Marine is indeed ideal!

aqua marine, chesapeake bay candles, tin candle
chesapeake bay candles, aqua marine, bathroom candles
bathroom candles decor, counter decor, aqua marine , summer candles
aqua marine chesapeake bay candles, two wick soy wax

(5) Milk & Honey Large Jar Candle

Vanilla is one of my comfort scents which makes me feel calm and peaceful. This one is definitely one of the warm cozy fragrances to light up when it’s snowing or raining outside, slide into a blanket and take a nap. Sounds like a perfect weekend afternoon, doesn’t it? Tones of honey soaked almonds combined with the goodness of nutmeg essential oil give the most peaceful ambience there is.

Also, I love how the rustic nature inspired tones blend so well with my gold Indian home decor!

indian home decor, indian candles, coffeetable decor ideas candles
milk and honey, bay cottage, scented candles
scented soy wax candles, chesapeake bay candles, coffeetable candles

As soon as I opened my package, the first thing I loved was the minimal packaging and glass bottles with wooden airtight lids. The frosted glass is just so elegant and reflects the brand identity, that is nature-inspired fragrances in keeping with traces of modernity.

Beautiful fragrances makes you dream, give you joy, relax your mind and bring hope. I am totally in love with these fragrances from the Heritage collection. And yes, last but not the least, one of my favorite features of these candles is that they are prepared using natural soy-wax blend and burn evenly. The wicks are lead free and self-trimming.

driftwood & amber, bay cottage, wooden fragnances

milk and honey chesapeake bay candles, home decor ideas candles

buddha candles, zen candles, wellness candles, nightstand candles

Are you inspired to get one too? It’s time you treat yourself or someone special with these delicious smelling candles. <3

Put on some music, have a date night, take a bubble bath, read a book or just take a nap with these magical, pleasant-smelling and pretty looking candles by your side!

Do let me know your ways to unwind and relax at home.
And what would be your pick from the Heritage collection?


This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle. All opinions are my own.