I totally enjoy cooking and preparing the regular Indian recipes with curries, veggies, beans, paneer etc. But these days I am trying to shed some pounds and so I have started being more conscious of my diet.
I made this vegan, antioxidant-rich, super delicious salad for lunch with a White balsamic vinaigrette dressing and thought of sharing it with you all.
It’s really simple, full of nutrients and super yummy! ?

I usually eyeball the ingredients for my salads and you can mix these veggies according to your preferences and whatever is available easily at home.
Here are the veggies I used-
Purple Cabbage
Brussel sprouts
I like a little sweetness and some crunch in my salads so I added dried cranberries and roasted pumpkin seeds. Actually, these two are one of my most favorite ingredients and because of their flavors, I eat all the raw veggies easily. To add even more crunch and nutrients- add some crushed roasted walnuts and almonds. I even pop in some strawberries or blueberries if I have them handy as they are a great source of anti-oxidants.

You can even add some goat cheese or grated cheddar cheese if you would like some. I personally like it without the cheese.
The white balsamic vinaigrette dressing I used has hints of citrus and basil which adds a nice twist. Also, add a pinch of black pepper and salt to taste.

Your super healthy and tasty salad is ready!

Do share your pictures with me by tagging me on Instagram if you try this and let me know if you would like to see more healthy and easy recipes.